WWIL urge police intervention over intensifying cable war in Delhi


Wire and Wireless (India) Limited (WWIL), erstwhile (SITI Cable), is offering cable services to citizens of Delhi from the inception of Cable TV. WWIL provides cable signals to large number of Cable Operators who in turn provide these services efficiently and at reasonable charges to citizens from all strata’s of the society which includes the lower middle class and middle class.

Lately number of novice MSOs who have recently entered in the cable distribution are indulging in nefarious activities by threatening WWIL operators and high handed tactics like cutting and damaging cable lines. The rival cable distributors not only are indulging in cutting and damaging our cable lines but have also gone to the extent of instigating assaults on our Operators.

Recently, in Yamuna Vihar a distributor was threatened and implicated in false cases. WWIL fibre was damaged in Dilshad Garden and Rohini areas. In Janakpur area the distributor was badly beaten up by goons and is still languishing in hospital in critical condition. Similarly, one of WWIL distributor of Madangir area was stabbed and assaulted almost fatally.

WWIL believes that police should be vigilant enough so that such violent activities by criminal elements don’t take place in future. On the other hand, police should be proactive in registering FIR so that these unscrupulous elements are not encouraged to do unlawful activities.

In this connection, WWIL Senior Management and Vice President – Corporate Affairs, T. K. Choudhary IPS (Rtd) met number of Senior and Middle level police officers and requested them to pay adequate attention to the problem so that the volatile situation can be curbed with a view to prevent ‘cable war’ which might result in escalation of violence and vitiate peaceful atmosphere of Delhi & NCR and deprive common citizens of television viewing of News and entertainment channels.

One year ago, top management of WWIL had personally called the Joint CP North and other officers in this connection which was followed up by a letter and e-mails but no initiative came forth from Police, on the contrary WWIL Janakpuri Distributor Mr. Goenka was assaulted resulting in grievous injuries.

About Wire and Wireless (India) Limited
Wire and Wireless (India) Limited is one of the India’s largest Multi System Operator (MSO). With 50 analogue and 7 digital headends, it provides cable services in 60 cities of India. Wire and Wireless (India) Limited is a part of the Essel Group, which is amongst India’s most prominent business houses with a diverse portfolio of assets in media, packaging, entertainment, technology-enabled services, infrastructure development and education.


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