Real Estate TV appoints Prem Kumar Menon as CEO


Real Estate TV, part of the Rs 50 billion Alliance Group, has appointed Prem Kumar Menon as its chief executive officer.

Prior to this, Menon was working as COO of Malar TV in Chennai. He has also worked with Asianet.

The real estate and infrastructure channel has appointed former Indian Express journalist Anil Nair as its news head.

Meanwhile, Real Estate TV COO TK Vibhakar has resigned.

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Real Estate TV has a 30-minute round the clock news while the other half is filled by programming. The channel shows a variety of programmes – ranging from a game-show and property and realty stock prices to celebrity homes, architecture, interior design, furniture and furnishings, and from Indian habitats to vastu and Feng-shui and home makeovers.


  1. Great post !
    Generally it is very intresting kind of investment, but I think that real estate is loosing it’s price too much.
    I own a site with database of prices for Moscow real estate and from the begining of this year it wasn’t grew….
    Anyway american real estate is more stabil in this case.


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