Mudivu Ungal Kaiyil – Sun TV’s new reality show, where you decide the climax


Traditional scriptwriters and directors have never had it better. `Reality TV’, Indian style, has to do with just nodding `yes’ or `no’. Use RPG’s Short Messaging Service (SMS) to do that, and you get prizes.

About 250 viewers of `Mudivu Ungal Kaiyil’ (MUK), an interactive teleserial on Sun TV where the audience decides the climax, were given prizes for sending their decisions using SMS.

Recently, RPG and Sun TV arranged a grand bash at Hotel Palm Grove for winners of the MUK contest. They were given gold coins, mixers and grinders, the gifts selected by a draw of lots.

MUK is being aired on Sun TV the last two months on Saturdays from 9-30 p.m. to 10-30 p.m., each telecast with new themes on everyday issues. One theme was on the worrisome issue of the sale of children, another on hassles in the office. Through road shows and phone calls, viewers give their opinions and the course of the climax is decided by the majority.

The calls are made on 98410 72224 for a `yes’ and 98410 72225 for a `no’. The winners were those who sent their decisions by SMS and were among the majority. Each serial attracts about 10,000 calls from Chennai alone.

The producers of MUK have plans to start another contest on the same lines of hi-tech communications and is also likely to add more lines for viewers all over the State. At present, Chennai viewers are dedicated 100 lines to make their calls.


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