Aaj Tak honored with YouTube’s ‘Diamond Play Button’


Aaj Tak, the leading Indian News Channel has been awarded the prestigious ‘Diamond Play Button’ by YouTube. According to the network, Aaj Tak is the first and the only news channel in the world to have crossed the 10 million subscriber mark.

The ‘Diamond Play Button’ is the top honor awarded by YouTube, next only to the Ruby Button which is offered at the 50 Million mark

The award was presented by YouTube to the India Today Group last week. This milestone achievement on YouTube by an Indian channel puts India on a top spot in Global news media.

YouTube Creator Awards recognize various YouTube channels for reaching significant milestones in subscribers under four categories. Silver Play Button is awarded when YouTube channels reach 100,000 subscribers, Gold Play Button awarded for channels reaching the milestone of 1 million subscribers, Diamond Play Button on reaching 10 million subscribers. And The Ruby Play Button is awarded to YouTube channels when they achieve 50 million subscribers.

An unmatched record of 18 straight years at the numero uno position, helps Aaj Tak beat all its global rivals like BBC News, CNN, ABC News etc. As on January 17, 2019, Aaj Tak has 13.07 million subscribers

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