Now share your music with friends on Gaana


Music streaming service Gaana has added a new feature PartyHub that will allow music lovers to curate a personalised playlist with help of their friends for parties and get-togethers.

Incredibly intuitive and easy to use, the PartyHub allows the user to collaborate with his or her friends by sending them invites to join the party, after which, they can all add their own favorites to the playlists. This makes sure that the next time there’s a party, they can all enjoy the music together, dancing to the beats of heart-thumping party specials, chosen by none other than themselves.

PartyHub is a collaborative playlist and is offered as an in-app feature that allows the user to create their own, unique, party playlist, by adding the songs they like from Gaana’s expansive library, or from among the recommendations offered by the app itself. In addition to that, it also offers pre-compiled playlists made by Gaana’s editors, which brings to you a hand-selected collection of beloved chart-topping hits in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu music, besides others.

The vast range of genres offered includes Latest Hits, Party Anthems, Electronic Mix, 90’s Madness, Shiny Disco, Remix Tape, After Party, and more. In fact, it also has options for Kids Party and Slow Jams Lounge, making for the perfect ingredient to turn the next house party into an unforgettable phenomenon.

The best part of the new feature is that Gaana has specifically taken into account its diverse and varied user base, so that it has something for everyone, be it a group of college-goers grabbing a drink together for the New Year’s Eve, a bunch of school-kids celebrating their friend’s birthday, or an ever-youthful gang of elderly retirees who’ve gathered together to catch up with each other’s lives, after a long time.


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