Epic Channel To Telecast Trade History Series


India’s Epic Channel will broadcast a new weekly mini-series called Saamagri Aur Sampatti from 6 February, 10 pm every Wednesday.

The show will be presented in a conversational format, employing animation to convey the interesting stories of how the trade of many commodities shaped the world as we know it, and how India played a pivotal part in this process.

Along with gems like yoga, chess and the number zero; India, since ancient times, also served as a conduit for the global spread of many commodities that we use today. For instance, the history of zinc mining in India goes back centuries, as does the cultivation of sesame, the first seed from which oil was extracted.

EPIC has seen success with the animation format with its show ‘Kissa Currency Ka’, a mini-series that traced the journey of the ‘coins’ of the country and reflected the diverse cultures that inhabited the region. Continuing on the back of the encouraging response of the animated infotainment series, this new series will unfold over nine episodes and showcase the various commodities that found their way to the world through India; revealing the country’s legacy of trade and its global impact.


Epic TV is an Indian television channel that airs action, drama, comedy, and narrative non-fiction and fictional programming with a focus on Indian history, folklore and epic genre. Launched by Epic Television Network Pvt. Ltd on 19 November 2014, a company owned by the famous businessman Anand Mahindra.

Some of its programmes like Raja, Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyaan; Kahi Suni; Dharmakshetra; Sanrachana have been added to Netflix and have been popular with the Indian diaspora. Digital platform Application named ‘Epic ON’ for Epic TV shows was launched by Epic Television Network Pvt. Ltd. in early 2017. Most of Epic TV shows are available online on ‘Epic ON’ App



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