Whats ‘God Code’ watch it on History TV18


Behind locked doors in St. Petersburg, Russia is the Leningrad Codex, the world’s oldest complete text of the Hebrew Bible. Because of its ancient origins, it is a purer version of the Bible–containing words and characters lost in later translations. Timothy Smith, an antiquities expert, believes he’s found an intricate code hidden within its text, one that may not show up in later translations. This two-hour special takes viewers on a journey across the globe to find out if the hidden code is real. If it is, could this be the actual word of God? A code is written into his own divine work. A master plan for history? The code is said to point to a diverse variety of historical events from the rise of Hitler to the threat of North Korea and it may even point to the location of one of the greatest treasures of all, the lost Arc of the Covenant.

The History Channel will air a documentary, God Code, on April 8 based on Timothy P. Smith’s book asserting that ancient Hebrew texts are encrypted with a code that proves God authored the Bible. According to the publisher, WaterBrook, the book, originally published in 2017 as The Chamberlain Key, is being reissued March 6 in paperback with its title changed to match the title of the documentary: God Code: Unlocking Divine Messages Hidden in the Bible.

This is exactly what the two-hour special episode is all about. The documentary will take viewers on a journey across the globe to find out if the hidden code is real. Witness the author travel across continents in search of artifacts missing since Bible times and the clues to their location revealed in God Code.

Watch his painstaking search that is both adventurous and mysterious at the same, and how instead of consulting ancient maps to find buried treasure, his hunt relies more on the data calculation power of the new-age advanced technology. The documentary will show how this oldest scripture is more amazing than we ever dreamed of.


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