Ten Network partners with CBS Studios to launch new channel


After much talked about deal between India’s Reliance Broadcast Network and US broadcaster CBS Studios International, the latter (CBS) has joined hands with Australian broadcaster Ten Network. The duo will soon launch a new digital channel ‘ELEVEN’ by next year.

The Australian partner has announced this in a statement. Ten is the second free-to-air broadcaster in Australia to announce details of its third digital offering. The structure of partnership share will be of a two third-one third pattern i.e. Ten Network will hold majority of two third equity stake and CBS will possess the rest One third share.

“The joint venture will ensure long term continuity of this prolific US content pipeline, underpinning the sustainability of ELEVEN and also delivering continued supply of high quality international programming for TEN,” Ten chief executive Grant Blackley said in a statement.

This is the second channel launching by Ten Networks after flaunting ‘ONE’ last year. It was a dedicated sport channel. Now ‘Eleven’ will focus on young viewers with programming content catering to their entertainment needs.

Ten said ELEVEN would target the ‘distinctly youthful’ market and features programs such as Futurama, The Cleveland Show, Supernatural, Stargate, Dexter and Smallville, The Office, Nurse Jackie and 90210.

However, permission from the Foreign Investment Review Board is still to be approved for the official launch of the channel.


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