History Channel, Maxim join hands for ‘Dogfights’


The History Channel has tied up with Maxim, the men’s lifestyle magazine from the Media Transasia group, for ‘Dogfights’, the adrenaline-pumping series based on the real battles.

Together History Channel and Maxim bring the second season of the ‘Dogfights’. Every episode is combined with actual encounters from war-zones from different latitudes, longitudes and time zones from the world over, the show will feature submarine, tank, helicopter and ship battles.

“The tie-up has just the right brand fit with respect to our reader’s interest. Also the content of the series is packed with thrills, action and nail biting adventure which will help us to make a better connection with our readers,” says Piyush Sharma, CEO and Publisher, Maxim India.

Premiering March 11 and then every week night from Tuesday to Thursday at 9 pm each episode of this series promises to keep the viewers riveted with action, adventure, spectacular battles, daring missions, application of science and thrilling fights. The March series will start with ‘Dogfights: The greatest air battles’, the episode will trace back to the origins of the first ever dogfights in world war one followed by ‘The first dogfighters’, ‘Gun kills of Vietnam’, ‘Jet vs. Jet’, ‘Kamikaze’, ‘Luftwaffe’s deadliest mission’, ‘Desert aces’, ‘Night fighters’ and ‘Thunderbolt’.

Also in the March and April issues of the magazine, the show will be presented to readers as a ‘Must watch’ TV Series on History Channel, strongly recommended by Maxim.


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