My FM launches season 7 of ‘Jiyo Dil Se’ Awards


Following the accomplishments of the last six seasons, Leading FM network, My FM has launched the seventh edition of the ‘Jiyo Dil Se’ awards to appreciate and acknowledge the work of the common man in bringing about a constructive difference to society.

Jiyo Dil Se Awards is an attempt to identify & recognize the indomitable spirit of common man towards the betterment of society. The initiative took shape in 2012 and is moving forward in its sixth year. In the last 5 years, 88 winners rose to fame and became role models for our society. Today, into its sixth year, the initiative brought many underrated do-gooders in limelight. All of these were earlier unknown to our societies until the Jiyo Dil Se Awards happened to them. Every year we aim to honor individuals who stand apart from the crowd and become a source of inspiration for the whole nation. To honor more ordinary individuals and to celebrate their achievements with others. And to encourage many others to follow their footsteps and make a difference to the society.

My FM is using 360-degree approach to promote Jiyo Dil Se awards through print, radio, outdoors, collaterals, and digital media to reach out to these people.

Exhilarated for the entries, Vinay Manek, Programming Head said, “Jiyo Dil Se’ has been setting the benchmark in acknowledging the contribution of people across different sectors. Having different categories this year will help us in appreciating people from various different industries. We are really looking forward to the entries this year.”


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