Sun TV, Arasu Cable Corporation trade charges badly


In Tamil Nadu, favourite TV programmes could be rudely interrupted from September 15 as the stand off between the Arasu Cable Corporation and the Sun TV Network over giving its signals looks nowhere near a resolution.

With Arasu asserting today that its service will be rolled out across the state from September 15, cable operators who switch over to the state run MSO may not be able to relay Sun TV to their subscribers as it has happened in Thanjavur and Tiruchy where Arasu commenced its services on July 15.

After Sun TV clarified that it was not adopting delaying tactics in denying signals to Arasu TV, the state corporation issued a statement that its officials had never asked for more time during their negotiations.

“Sun TV has come out with a complete lie that our officials sought more time after our meeting on August 18,” said Brajeswar Singh, managing director, Arasu Cable Corporation, said. Retorting to this Sun TV has pointed out that it welcomed Arasu’s service being expanded through the state.

“At the same time we had raised the issue of discrepancy in the number of operators in Thanjavur-Tiruchy which they had quoted to us (7) and to the press (250). They later clarified they had 74 operators in this sector. It is such contradictory information which is coming in the way of us giving signals,” Sun TV explained in a statement.

Meanwhile a bunch of cable TV owners from Madurai, owing allegiance to M. K. Azhagiri’s RCV claimed that 90 per cent of cable operators in Madurai moved to RCV only because of the unreasonable demands made by SCV.

“If Sun TV refuses to give us signals which we will demand a total ban on its network,” said S Anandan of the Cable TV owners and operators welfare association.


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