Sony Yay! strategize to hit top spot


Sony Pictures Networks India kids channel Sony Yay! which celebrated its first anniversary in April this year is looking to enter the top five in 2019. To do so, the channel needs to 9% which it is confident of achieving. Currently, Sony Yay’s market share stands at 6%.

The channel plans to ramp up the number of hours of original content to 350-400 for 2019 fiscal. This will be the equivalent to what was produced cumulatively in the first two fiscals. The plan is to produce 20 movies and around 100 episodes adding to 52 hours at least of three of the channels flagship shows. The movies are an extension of the TV shows and the aim is to make characters larger than life.

Sony Yay! is focussed on building its existing characters and take them to the next level. ‘Sab Jholmaal Hai’ is the channel’s tentpole show and constitutes 50% of the GRPs. “We are planning to build more franchises and content around Honey Bunny,” she added.

Digital is playing an important role both on SonyLIV and YouTube through moppet tales for the show. The characters are being seen in a new avatar. Growing characters’ popularity and building them further through brand extensions will be the focus area in 2019.

With ‘Kicko And Super Speedo’, the plan is to launch a game in 2019. The game will be an integral part of the show and vice versa. The aim is to keep the viewer coming back to watch different aspects and avatars of characters.

Being part of a bigger network has helped Sony Yay! to cross-sell and tap new advertisers. She noted that the Sony Yay! sales team has managed to get clients who might not normally look at the kid’s genre and the strategy in these cases revolves around clubbing Sony Yay! with another channel like Sony Sab.

She pegs the kid’s genre ad pie at around Rs. 500 crore which is very small given the number of players which is why Sony Yay! is super-focused on creating ancillary revenue streams as well.

In terms of international distribution, she said that the channel’s footprint spans South Asia, Saarc, UK, and the US. The distribution in the UK, US is being handled by affiliate partners. The broadcaster is not looking at selling formats as the focus is more on syndicating the shows to other platforms.


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