Discovery Travel and Living renames to TLC on September 1


The lifestyle channel from the house of the world’s leading non-fiction media group, Discovery Travel and Living, is all set to be revamped and don a new name from September 1, 2010 in India.

The Discovery Travel & Living would be re-branded as TLC, Travel & Living Channel. The re-branding exercise is Discovery Communications’ initiative to have a single branding for the channel worldwide.

The Discovery Travel & Living is currently operational in USA as TLC only. The re-branding exercise is to be followed across all of the operational markets for the channel in Asia.

With this re-branding the content of the channel would also receive a facelift wherein a slew of new shows, new hosts and newer locations will be explored. The channel will add around 15 new shows along with new seasons for its already successful shows like ‘Living with a Superstar-Shah Rukh Khan’ and many other hosts are to join the screen presence of TLC in India.

TLC plans to reach the 50 million subscriber mark in the Indian sub-continent this year. It also plans to increase its network to 75 countries by 2011.



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