BBC Worldwide to up investments for channels in India


The commercial vertical of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), BBC Worldwide, is gearing up to augment its investments in the BBC Channels aired in the subcontinent region.

The Media Company, moving forth with its plans to increase its focus internationally, has signalled long-term commitment to expanding in India. BBC Worldwide would be making new investments into its BC Channels, BBC Entertainment and CBeebies.

In a statement BBC Worldwide says, “Over the past year 55% of the organisation’s revenue came from international businesses – up from 46% in 2006. BBC Worldwide’s target is to have two-thirds of its sales come from overseas business by 2012 and India is seen as a key market to help reach this target.”

BBC Worldwide Channels currently operates an international network of 41 TV channels, available in every habitable continent, reaching 326 million homes. Last year, it saw double-digit percentage growth in sales and profits year on year (16.4% and 34.2% respectively).

The announcement follows the recent appointment of Deepak Shourie as the Director, South Asia, BBC Worldwide Channels.

BBC Worldwide operates BBC Entertainment, CBeebies and BBC World News as broadcast verticals. It also has a Mumbai-based production house for television content. The company also manages the in India. Other than TV operations, BBC Worldwide also has a venture with the Times of India Group, Worldwide Media Ltd, for publication business.


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